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[Adapted from website:] Mashregh News

[Date:] 7 Bahman 1394 [27 January 2016]


Dr. Ayadi Comes to Help and Solve the “King’s Riddle” + Photo

In its thirteenth episode, the TV series The King’s Riddle narrates several historical events along with the events of the personal lives of the protagonists.

According to Mashregh News, quoting the public relations [representative] of Channel One, this episode follows the events that led to the acquaintance of the Vaziri and Etemadi families.…

In this part, Asghar Moini Saleh is playing the role of Mossadegh. Also, from this episode, Jamshid Jahanzadeh as Hajir, Asghar Mohebbi as the Commander Sanii, and Hosein Moheb Ahari as Dr. Ayadi will be added to the characters of the story.

Ayadi is one of the important Baha’i figures of Pahlavi history, who is known for his various occupations. Part of the story narrates the return of Ali-Reza, brother of Mohammad-Reza, to Iran and the tensions he creates―the tensions that eventually cause Mohammad-Reza to look for a way to control his brother.