Mashaollah Enayati

Born: 1934, Babol-Rahi, Ardestan

Died in a hospital in Isfahan on 4 July 1997 after a week of torture in prison


Mashaollah Enayati was a resident of Tehran. While on a trip to his native village of Ardestan, to attend a Baha’i meeting, he was arrested and imprisoned in Isfahan. He would chant prayers and poetries with a loud voice. Prisoners and some guards were asking questions about them. When the managers of the prison found out, they ordered for him to be tortured.  He was beaten most severely and the injuries and significant swelling on his face, hands and back were visible. He received an injection which numbed his senses and impaired normal functioning of his body.  He was held in prison for approximately one week before being taken to hospital where he passed away on 4 July 1997.  His request to be buried in Ardestan was not granted by the officials. Instead, his body was laid to rest in the Baha’i cemetery of Isfahan on 5 July 1997.


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