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Islamic Revolutionary Supreme Court

In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

Dated: 16 Shahrivar 1364 [7 September 1985]

Number: 4/4767

Enclosure -----


The case file 62/M/33618 of the Central Islamic Revolutionary Court relates to Mrs. Rezvan Shabbak [Shabali], daughter of Mohammad Rashid, and [widow of] the late Mr. Mohammad Hasan Prohan, who was tried in connection to her membership in Zionist and Baha’i organisations.  With respect to the return of her salary, benefits and the home loan taken from the Oil Company, this has been reviewed by the Supreme Islamic Revolutionary Court and the conclusion is stated below.

According to the case file of the accused, she has stated throughout the hearing that [although she knew that her husband was] a Baha’i, she still married him, and both Islamic and Baha’i wedding ceremonies took place simultaneously (assuming the accused is telling the truth that she is a Muslim, marriage to a Baha’i is unlawful and void), and she also says that she and her husband have taken a loan of 400,000 tuman each from the Oil Company to buy two houses. As per her statement and other documents, it has been established that her late husband was a Baha’i; therefore, his employment in the Oil Company was illegal, and all salaries and home loans taken (400,000 tuman to buy the house) must be fully returned.

If the house in Ahwaz was purchased with the loan, any accumulated appreciation in value of the asset should also be paid back to the Islamic government.  The said opinion in the judgement is only valid for the late Mohammad Hasan Prohan, and is in accordance with standards, and is therefore confirmed.

Islamic Revolutionary Supreme Court

[Signature over official stamp]

12 Shahrivar 1364 [3 September 1985]