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In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate


Number 7 B/3/1733

Dated 3 Mehr 1362 [25 September 1983]


Decision number: 285, date: 3 Mehr 1362 [25 September 1983]

Investigating body: Preliminary Commission for Restructuring of Human Resources Number 3, Ministry of Post, Telegram, and Telephone


Type of Allegation: Membership in the Perverse Baha’i sect

Synopsis of Proceedings: The case against the accused, Mr. Mansour Sadafi, son of Ahmad, born in the year [redacted], birth certificate number [redacted], issued in [redacted], holding the organizational post of professional expert, with a record of service of ten years at the Personnel Head Office, personnel number [redacted], holding a bachelor’s degree and married, was investigated by this Commission.  The Commission hereby announces its decision after considering the evidence presented during its meeting on 3 Mehr 1362 [25 September 1983], as follows:


Decision of the Commission

Based on expert opinion –x—and considering other conditions, circumstances, and evidence in the file containing the allegation against the defendant, the Commission considers these allegations as being established and proven.  The offence of the above-mentioned individual is:

Membership in the perverse Baha’i sect, as stated in item 8 of section 29, f the Restructuring of Human Resources Act of the Ministries and Institutions Affiliated with Government, enacted on 5 Mehr 1360 [27 September 1981], and item 11 of section 20 of the said Act, and he is sentenced to permanent termination from employment by the government and affiliated organizations. Pursuant to section 46 of the aforementioned Act, this decision is appealable within 15 days from its service upon the accused (whether in person or through other legal means) at the Review Commission.


On behalf of Preliminary Commission Number 3

[Signature on official stamp]

The Preliminary Commission for Restructuring of Human Resources