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[Newspaper:] Manshour-e Baradari

[Date:] Saturday, 6 Bahman 1358 [26 January 1980] – 8 Rabi’al Awwal 1400

[Issue No.:] 17 (new period)

[Page:] 5


Getting to Know Martyr Navvab Safavi (4)

The Fadaian-e Islam [Devotees of Islam] - Since the Inception Until Now

The Goal: True Islam

The Shia religion is a revolutionary and populist religion, which has always been embraced enthusiastically by the deprived social classes. Throughout the centuries, it has been the hardworking people and masses who have carried the weight of the Shia mission on their backs. And it has been the Shia religion which, with its movements, struggles, and efforts, has brought the cries of the deprived masses to the attention of history. Naturally, based on scientific principles, the more populist a religion is, the more it will be influenced by the beliefs in the streets and bazaars. Hitting oneself with machetes and putting locks [on shrines], which you laugh at in Shia books, is a phenomenon that has been influenced by the masses. It is a demonstration of the objections of the oppressed people who want to denounce injustice through torturing themselves—although they may be at variance with religious standards. However, throughout history the masses of people have been fed up with the enormous injustices, and this reflects a kind of uprising. If you are yourself populist, why do you ask to sit in the court of the shah?  Why are you repeating the history of Ali-Mohammad, the Bab? You would like to conduct debates [and criticism] as clergy alongside the court of the shah.  The clergy does not believe in the court and hates the shah. But your record at the Office of the Public Prosecutor during the past twenty years is clear. . .