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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Islamic Republic of Iran

Form 32-Ayn (52- 4) Department of State for Administration and Employment Affairs


Order of Employment Office

  1. Ministry: Industries – Organization of Small Industries of Iran
  2. Employee number: [redacted]
  3. Name: Mr. Manouchehr
  4. Surname: Roshan Zamir
  5. Father’s name: Abbas
  6. Birth certificate number and place of issue:

Birth certificate number: [redacted]

Place of issue: City [redacted]

  1. Place of birth: [redacted]
  2. Date of birth: day: 6, month: Esfand, year: [redacted]
  3. Highest educational degree and field:

Highest degree: Doctorate

Field: Economic and Social Sciences

  1. Permanent Organizational Position: Supervisor of Industrial and Economic Review Unit
  2. Class: Social Affairs
  3. Group: 9  
  4. Rank: 7
  5. Organizational Unit: Industrial and Economical Review Management
  6. Service location: City: [redacted]
  7. Authorization -----
  8. Type of Order: Dismissal from employment
  9. Description of Order:

According to the Reconstruction Act, ratified 5 Mehr 1360 [27 September 1981] of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, and based on decision number 85, dated 15 Shahrivar 1362 [6 September 1983] of the Human Resources Restructuring Commission of the Ministry of Industries, and considering the proof of your religious and belief incompetence and your explicit confession, by issue of this order, you are dismissed from employment in government.


  1. Salary, benefits and bonuses ----
  2. Salary, benefits and bonuses mentioned in this order, a total of (in letters) ---- rials are payable after legal deductions from: ---- credits.
  3. Date of enforcement of order: 15 Shahrivar 1362 [6 September 1983]
  4. Date of issue and number of order:

Date: 1 Mehr 1362 [23 September 1983]

Number: 45677

  1. Name and surname of authority in charge: on behalf of Seyyed Mohammad Reza Adeli


Permanent Organizational Title: Supervisor of Organization of Small Industries of Iran

Signature: [name and signature]


Copy: Employee