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[Adapted from website:] Farhangshahr

[Date:] 23 Dey 1387 [12 January 2009]


Arrests, Summonses and Worrying Situation of Baha’is in Qaemshahr

As a result of a series of actions by the Mazandaran Province Intelligence Office, the homes of a number of Baha’is in Qaemshahr have been illegally searched and some have been arrested.

With the start of a series of new actions by the Qaemshahr Intelligence Office, located in Mazandaran Province, on 15 Dey [4 January 2009], the security agents raided the homes of Baha’is, such as the Fanaian, Sanai, Asadi, and Nowkhah families, without a court order, and in the process, while threatening and intimidating them―even using weapons―they took the household items of these families, such as books, computers and manuscripts.

Following this process, again, on 21 Dey [10 January 2009], the security agents climbed over the walls and roofs of the Baha’i houses without an official search warrant, and raided the Baha’i homes in this city, arresting Mrs. Firouzeh Yegan (Asadi) and Miss Pegah Sanaie (20-year-old youth). Apparently, the others were not present in the house at the time of the attack.

Mrs. Shahnaz Saadati, Mrs. Farzaneh Ahmadzadeh, Mrs. Anisa Fanaian, and Mrs. Emilia Fanaian, as well as Mr. Sohrab Laghaie and Mrs. Taraneh Sanaie, are among those summoned by the city’s intelligence service in recent days. It is possible for the mentioned people to be arrested, considering the existing environment.

In the past few days, Mrs. Taraneh Sanaie (the wife of Mr. Masoud Ataeian, who is currently in prison) has been repeatedly summoned and threatened by telephone. Fars Ataeian, the son of Mr. Masoud Ataeian, stated that their father had called them on Thursday from the Intelligence Office and said that they had put him under pressure, asking why their mother (Taraneh Sanaie) had not reported herself to the Intelligence Office. He was told by a person named Movahhed of the Provincial Intelligence Department that if she did not come, they would get a warrant to arrest her.