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31 Ordibehesht 1388 [21 May 2009]

In the Name of God


His Excellency, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, [Mr. Ahmadinejad]

I would like to convey my greeting and appreciation for the outstanding efforts of Your Excellency, in rendering extensive service for the progress and comprehensive development of Iran and the dear Iranians.

Certainly, Your Excellency has, by pursuing justice and fairness and considering the laws and principles of the Iranian Constitution, overseen the administration of justice and the security of citizenship rights for all Iranians. You have never allowed injustice or oppression be perpetuated towards any of the citizens of this sacred land, which is under the banner of the Constitution, the Sacred Teachings of Islam and the Orders of Imam Ali (PBUH).

But unfortunately, I must inform Your Excellency, that in your hometown in the province of Semnan, some of your compatriots have been subjected to unkind and unjust treatments for some time, and they have lost their public security and comfort and all their efforts to prevent these oppressions, have had no result.

Therefore, I request that Your Excellency order that the matter be investigated to bring back the security and calm.


Wishing the success and the health of all noble authorities who serve

With appreciation,

Manijeh Nasrollahi



Semnan – [redacted]

[Telephone] – [redacted]