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[Personal information has been redacted.]



The Imperial Government of Iran

Order of the Office of Personnel

Form (52 – 4) 32-A   Department of State for Administrative Affairs and Employment


  1. Ministry of Education
  2. Employee Number: [redacted]
  3. Given Name: Mrs. Manijeh
  4. Surname: Ferdowsian Najafabadi
  5. Name of father: Farajollah
  6. Birth certificate number and place of issuance: Birth certificate number: [redacted], Place of issuance: [redacted]
  7. Place of birth: [redacted]
  8. Date of birth: Day: 8, Month: Mehr, Year: [redacted] [30 September]
  9. Highest degree and field of study:
  • Highest degree: High school Diploma
  • Field of study: Isfahan
  1. Title of Permanent Government Position: Teacher
  2. Branch:  Educational and Cultural;Course: Teaching; Group: 5
  3. [Employment] Category:  6
  4. [Employment] Level:  9
  5. Government unit: Asr-e Enghelab Elementary School
  6. Place of employment: District 3, City of Isfahan, Isfahan Province
  7. Permit:------ Number: -----
  8. Category of Decision: Termination of Employment
  9. Details of Decision:

As one of the main conditions for employment is that [the employee] not have corrupt beliefs and is a follower of one of the country’s officially recognized religions, and as you have clearly declared that you are a Baha’i, consequently, in accordance with letter number: 3129/15 – 19 Ordibehesht 1358 [9 May 1979] of the Head Office of the [Department of Education for] Isfahan, your employment at the Ministry of Education will be terminated effective from the date this decision was issued.

  1. Salary, benefits and bonuses
  1. Group base Salary: 33200 rial
  2. Total permanent and temporary benefits of the job

Bonus for the job: 18000 rial

  1. Hardship bonus: 2656 rial

Total: 53856 rial

  1. The salary, benefits and bonuses included in this ruling, for a total amount of (in letters) fifty-three thousand eight hundred and fifty six rial are payable from Credit ----, Section ----, Articles ----- after the legal deductions have been applied.
  2. Date of the execution of the ruling: 1 Tir 1358 [22 June 1979]
  3. Date of Issuance and Ruling number

Date: 31 Khordad 1358 [21 June 1979]

Number: 14964/2

  1. Given name and surname of the official in charge: Jafar Rezaie

Title of permanent organizational position: Director of the Office of Education, District 3, Isfahan


Copy: Employee