[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


General number: 5908

Private number: -----

Ledger: -----

File: -----



Ministry of Education, Endowments and Fine Arts

Department: Education

Office: Training



Draft category: -----

Draft subject: -----

Enclosure: -----

Scribe: -----


Date of transcription: ----- Month: -----

Date of registry: -----

Date of writing: 25 [Aqrab] Aban [1304] [16 November 1925]

Date of exit: [Illegible] 1304 [1925]


To the esteemed head of the National Consultative Assembly

Your respected letter number 10185 regarding the grievances of Aqa Sheikh Hasan, a student of [Islamic] theology from Mazandaran, enclosed with a copy of his grievance and the affidavit regarding the school in Kafshgar Kola Mahal of Aliabad, was graciously received. The representative of the Department of Education in Mazandaran has been asked to explain this matter. Appropriate steps will be taken upon receiving the outcome of his investigations.