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[Adapted from website:] Shahbazi

[Date:] 18 Mordad 1390 [9 August 2011]


Baha’is and Shahbazi: The Furious Attack After the Toronto Conference

Following the publication of the article “Iran and the Baha’i Holocaust” on 9 Tir 1390 [30 June 2011], the Baha’i sect launched a series of attacks on me. That article by Jamshid Fanaian and Parham Vargha and the influx of Baha’i teachers on my Facebook page and their furious and insulting statements are its most obvious symbols in the field of media and the internet. In other areas, the attack on me has intensified in the form of various acts of persecution under various pretexts by undercover agents and secret internal networks, which I do not consider it expedient to address at this time.

The reason for this comprehensive and unprecedented invasion is the publication of the article “Iran and the Baha’i Holocaust” on the eve of the grand Baha’i Conference in Toronto 10-12 Tir 1390 [1-3 July 2011], which began with detailed preparations. The article was published one day before the Toronto conference. This synchrony was completely random and not planned; it was a very personal and spontaneous reaction to the writings of Mr. Mohammad Nourizad and his position with regard to the Baha’is. Mr. Nourizad’s article was published on 2 Tir [23 June], about a week before the Toronto Conference.

In recent months, various propaganda, media, academic, and political programmes have been conducted in support of the Baha’is, mostly referring to a violation of their citizenship rights in Iran. Among these many recent programmes about the Baha’is of Iran, we can refer to a question and answer session with a special screening of the Baha’i documentary film in Iran, a recent product of the Persian section of the BBC World Service, co-produced by Mr. Kasra Naji and Ms. Rozita Riazati, staff and programmers of the BBC World Service, which took place on Tuesday, 7 Tir / 28 June at the Front Line Club, a renowned club for journalists in central London.

Apart from the numerous historical inaccuracies that existed in the form and content of this film, as well as the obvious contradiction of making this film in complete violation of the principles of the BBC Charter of Neutrality, the implementation of this propaganda and campaigning programme, outside the traditional media space, without news motivation and in a special ceremony at the direct invitation of Persian BBC, is one of the most obvious violations of the media neutrality of the Persian section of the BBC World Service, which is considered to have a long history of openly and covertly defending the Baha’is and the Baha’i sect.

In the Q&A section of this conference, Ms. Pooneh Ghodousi, a presenter from BBC Television World Service, was the moderator of the meeting, in the presence of the filmmakers, along with Dr. Nazila Ghane, a Baha’i activist and professor of international human rights at Oxford University; Mr. Drury Dyke, the head of Amnesty International’s Iran branch, was also present.

The article “Iran and the Baha’i Holocaust” was published at the height of this unprecedented Baha’i propaganda effort, and their outrageous reactions showed that its impact was significant. I will soon post the contents of my Facebook page, which contain strong attacks from Baha’i teachers and other participants in the discussion, with my responses.