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Interrogation Form and Record 

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Case classification: 421-/74/D

Decision number: 417/74/D-R

On 14 Ordibehesht 1374 [4 May 1995], Branch Number One of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Yazd, presided by the undersigned, is convened to review case number 70/51/1512. Subsequent to reviewing the file records, the court concludes the hearing and issues a decision as follows:

Court Decision

With reference to file number 70/59/1512, concerning Mah-Bibi Afkhami (Sadri Navvabzadeh, daughter of Sheikh Kazem), [the court] having considered the file records, and the report number 66203/M/233, dated 9 Ordibehesht 1374 [29 April 1995], from the Office of Intelligence of Yazd, wherein it is indicated that the aforementioned was a Baha’i who died and was childless, the court considers this case applicable to decision 70/59 of this court, and rules for the confiscation of her assets for the benefit of the Economic Complex of Imam Khomeini's Relief Committee of Yazd.


Head of Branch One of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice of Yazd [Signature]


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Order to be enforced [Signature]



979 - dated 6 Khordad 1374 [27 May 1995]