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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Mafaz

[Date:] 6 Khordad 1400 [27 May 2021]


Baha’is’ Strategy for Approaching the Opposition

An examination of the media of the Baha’i organization’s blackmail shows that the group is trying to conceal its anti-Iranian and stateless dimensions and with this tactic, attract the nationalists and opposition groups abroad.

Mafaz – Since the history of the perverse Baha’i sect is full of evils and betrayals by its leaders, the members of this perverse sect have distorted history and spread lies. Ghassem Bayat is one of these Baha’i liars who have made every effort to justify the betrayal by the leaders of this misguided sect by falsifying history and distorting the facts.

More precisely, this person and people like him are trying to turn reality upside down and keep aloof from the truth. Anyone who has a little knowledge of the fundamentals of this perverse sect and listens to the lies of the Baha’i preachers or investigates their statements will clearly find that this sect is extremely false.

For example, the Baha’i preacher whose name was mentioned in this article said in one of his speeches that in Baha’ism, committing treason against the state was strongly condemned! This Baha’i preacher said such a thing while Baha’u’llah, the leader and God of this perverse sect, explicitly stated that “Pride is not for him who loves his country”[1] (Patriotism has no honour). With this description, in Baha’ism, in essence, fatherland has no meaning and has a concept of patriotic betrayal.

It is interesting, today, how the Baha’is, who are the disloyal propagandists and consider this an honour, remain silent against the lies of this individual and say nothing. Have not the Baha’is written in their manifesto that patriotism and patriotic zeal were wrong?

An examination of the media blackmail of the Baha’i sect organization shows that this spying anti-Iranian group has changed the way it operates and tries to hide its anti-Iranian and disloyalty dimensions in order to attract the attention of nationalists and the opposition abroad.



[1] [A traveler’s Narrative] https://www.bahai.org/library/authoritative-texts/search#q=Pride%20love%20country