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[Adapted from website:] MAFAZ

[Date:] 27 Khordad 1398 [17 June 2019]


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Title: Imam Khomeini’s View on the Baha’i Sect

By: The Muslim Student Followers the Imam’s Line website

Republished by: MAFAZ


The historic speech of Imam Khomeini (RA) on the eve of Ashura [10th day of Muharram], 13 Khordad 1342 [3 June 1963] at the Feyziyeh School.

Israel does not want a scientist in this country, Israel does not want the Quran to be in this country, Israel does not want religious scholars in this country, Israel does not want the rules of Islam to be in this country …

Sir, there are certain facts at work. I am getting a headache again; there are certain facts at work. You gentlemen should refer to the calendar of these Baha’is of two or three years ago, where it says: “Equality of rights between men and women”. This is the opinion of Abdu’l-Baha and these gentlemen follow him. Mr. Shah did not understand; he went up there and said, “Equality of the rights between men and women”. Sir! They have injected you with these [slogans] so that they can say you are a Baha’i and then I would say that you are an infidel and expel him. Do not do so, [you] miserable! Do not do so! The compulsory general education for the militarization of women is the opinion of Abdu’l-Baha. Sir! His calendar is available, look at it! Has not the shah seen this? If he has not seen it, then he should reprimand those who have seen it and have injected [these ideas] into this poor man to say these things. By God, I have heard that the Intelligence Service [Security Organization] intends to disgrace the shah in the minds of the public so that they will overthrow him; therefore, it is not clear whether or not the matter is conveyed to him. The matters are plenty and more than the content that you can imagine. Our nation, our religion, is in danger. You constantly tell me: “Gentlemen, do not say that religion is in danger.” We did not say that “religion is in danger”, and the religion is not in danger? But if we do not say that the king is or is not like this? Then Sir! Do something so that things are not like this and you are not blamed for everything. Poor man! You are not aware of the day that something will happen and all those who claim to be your friends will not befriend you anymore. These are only friends of dollars. These people do not have religion, they are not faithful to you.

Our sorrows are many, not because today is Ashura [the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Husayn]; they are many, and let it be, too. It is because of what is happening to our nation, and what is about to develop. We are grief-stricken and afraid.