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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God

(Group affidavit of local residents)


Date: 27 Azar 1360 [18 December 1981]


I request the respected residents of Hemmatabad-e Sistaniha (former Sazman Monajjem) who know me to witness this affidavit that “I, Hosein-Ali Sabeti, son of Molla-Ali, born in [redacted] in [redacted], came to this area with my family around 1332[1953-1954] which is 29 years ago, at the time when these lands were everglades and marshes and I worked as a farmer and labourer. As the result of the agricultural work, my wife and my child lost their health and I have been left with two sick and disabled individuals, who are now dependent on me.”  With many thanks and appreciation


With respect Hosein-Ali Sabeti Doogh Abadi



We, the undersigned and the residents of Hemmat-Abad Sistaniha are fully aware that Mr Hosein-Ali Sabeti has been living here for 29 years and has been working as a farmer.

[More than 22 names and signatures]


[Official stamp]

Local Islamic Council of Hemmatabad