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Ministry of the Interior

[Date:] 10 Mehr 1323 [2 October 1944]

[Attachment: Document number 2062]


List of the houses and shops that have been plundered and set on fire, according to the existing complaints in the police headquarters and the Magistrate’s Office:

1-The house of the slain Hasan Mohajer in Shahbandari has been plundered.

2-The house of Mehdi Aghazadeh, located in Musalla Street, has been partially set on fire and partially plundered. The belongings of the slain Jazabati were kept in that house.

3-The house of the slain Naderi, in Hammam-e Nomreh Street, has been partially burned and partially plundered. The belongings of Abdu’l-Rahim Buroumand were kept at the house of Naderi. On 17 Mordad 1323 [8 August 1944] the wife of Naderi informed the Public Prosecutor’s Office that a suitcase with valuable articles was being hidden in the earthen oven of the house. The prosecutor immediately went personally to the house, and in the presence of the police, found the suitcase. After taking an inventory, he delivered it to Naderi’s wife. One briefcase and one portfolio of pamphlets and other propagation materials were found there, containing instructions issued by the Central Assembly regarding the slain Naderi and some directives issued by Shoghi Effendi that had been sent to the Central Assembly, all of which were archived in the file of the case).

4-The residence of Rahbani was plundered.

5-The house of Cheragh-Ali Tebyani, located on Bagh-e Zendan Road, was plundered.

6-The house of Mohammad-Evaz Jazbani, located in Beynol-Nahrein, was plundered. (According to the petition of Hasan Zahedi and a number of the dwellers of Beynol-Nahrein, some items from their houses were destroyed).

7-The shop of Aghazadeh and Athari and some merchandise of Birjandi in the Qarbi Street have been burned and some have been plundered.

8-The shop of Tebyani has been set on fire and partially plundered. (According to the complaint of Tavakkoli, some goods and some cotton shoes that had belonged to him and Riazollah Tebyani were among the plundered items).

9-The shop of Valiyollah Sobhani, located in Tehran Street, has been partially burned and partially plundered.

10-The shop of Mohammad-Reza Khodaei in the Anaraki Bazaar, has been plundered.