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Date of Organizing: 20 Ordibehesht 1363 [10 May 1984]


In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

Office of the Prime Minister

Execution Office of Addendum 82 of Year 1362 [1983] Budget



Code: 080114101

The Regulatory Minutes related to the property of Mr. Ghodratollah Rowhani, ruling number 3536/2, 7 Dey 1360 [28 December 1981]; situated in [redacted] Street.

On 20 Ordibehesht 1363 [10 May 1984] in the company of brothers: Chegini and Davood Menhaj Lashkari and the representatives of the movable property unit, brothers: Mahmoud Jesmani Mashhour and Reza Goudarzian [illegible], the inventory of the property was prepared. It is [illegible] currently in the possession of the spouse of [Mr. Rowhani] and it is as listed below:


1- A relatively large, dark dining table

2- Three velvet chadorshab [large, rectangular cloth to store the bedding] with beige background 

3- Eight chairs with red velvet upholstery

4- Six wooden sofas and couches with red velvet upholstery

5- Two black wooden tables

6- A rectangular glass table

7- A lampshade with long base

8- A set of five lampshades and wall chandelier

9- A small tray with designs and wooden legs

10- A large square wooden table

11- A small brown wooden table

12- A bench with a leather cover

13- A rectangular floral painting

14- A [illegible] chandelier

15- A wall mirror with brass frame

16- A relatively large silver-colored decorative bowl


The total number of the objects listed abov is sixteen


Fourteen decorative objects are included in the list below.

1- [Illegible] Small crystal

2- A wooden decorative [object]

3- A statue of an old man

4- A white statue of an elephant

5- Four Chinese statues of [illegible]

6- Two saltshakers in the form of a statue of an American Indian

7- A decorative object in the shape of the structure of a molecule

8- A small jar

9- A set of six decorative teacups and saucers

10- Two crystal candlesticks

[11- Missing number]

12- A decorative [illegible]

13- A decorative lamp

14- Four-piece Chinese dining service


Goudarzi [signature]

[The second person’s signature]

20 Ordibehesht [10 May] – Haj Mohammadi


The Towfigh Committee

[Illegible signature]


The above items [illegible] to Property Unit [illegible]