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[Mina] Glass Company [Written in English]


Announcement number 1 of The Purification and Islamic Consultative Committee


In the Name of God

Purification: In accordance with verses numbers 118 and 120 from the Surah Al-Imran and the Imam's fatwa[1], pages 505-506 of his Explanation of al-Masa'il, the Islamic Consultative Committee of the employees of Mina Glass [factory] and with the approval of the majority of the members at the Islamic Committee, the personnel named below are directed to contact the Accounts Department to arrange for their accounts to be closed. The individuals named no longer hold any positions in the factory, effective 26/5/1359 [17 August 1980]. Enforcement of this Circular is the responsibility of the [security] Guards.

  1. Mohammad Zarghami – Baha’i Registration number [redacted]

2- Danesh Zabihi

3- Beitollah Kazemi

4- Hosein Namdar

5- Keivan Mohammadi

6- Yasamin Basari

7- Faregh Eshraghi

8- [Shoaollah] Doudkar

9- Aminollah Ahangari

10- Masoumeh Hashemi

11- Jamshid Nikoukar

12- Abdol-Hosein Nikkhah

13- Farhang Kazemi

14- Mohmoud Saadati

15- Mozafar Jamal-Abadi

16- Houshang Mohajeri

17-Ghomars Rajab-Pour

18- Ahmad-Bagher Afzahi

19- Hosein Taze-Shahr

20- Farhang Naghme

21- Ebrahim Mohagheghi

22- Fereidoun Teimourian


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[1] [A legal opinion or decree handed down by an Islamic religious leader]