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Ministry of Education, Endowments & Fine Arts

Department: Inquisition

Bureau: ---


L - 65

Date: 17 Azar 1313 [8 December 1934]

Number: 42521/8315

Enclosure: ----


The Headmaster of Tarbiyat Boys High School,

Following notice 3010 - 4738, dated 15 Ordibehesht 1313 [5 May 1934], this is to inform you that, according to the information received on Thursday, the 15th of the current month [6 December 1934], you have again closed the high school for no apparent reason. Taking such action is against the “Regulations for Schools” approved on 1308 [1929], and paragraph (83) of the regulations approved on 26 Aban 1313 [17 November 1334]. Therefore, this action of yours is considered to be disobedience to regulations, and as a result, the Ministry of Education annuls the permission issued to the school on 26 Khordad 1310 [17 June 1331]. From this date you do not have the right to operate the school anymore.


Minister of Education,

Ali-Asghar Hekmat


Stamp: Ministry of Education, Endowments and Fine Arts