[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


[First letter, upper right-hand side]

Molouk Mostaghim. I am well. Do not worry. Write to me if you have any news of the child[ren] or if they come.. Send undershirt.


16 Tir 1359 [07 July 1980]


[Second letter, upper left-hand side]

Molouk Nik-Aien. We are all in good health. Do not be concerned. Mostaghim


[Third letter, middle left-hand side]

My dear children and Molouk Mostaghim. Trust you are in good health. We are all well. Do not worry at all. Write about your own wellbeing. Mostaghim

27 Mordad1359 [18 August 1980]


[Fourth letter, middle right-hand side]

Molouk Mostaghim

I hope you are in good health. We are all well too. Write me a letter immediately as [illegible]. Mostaghim


[Fifth letter, lower right-hand side]

Molouk, we are all in good health. Send undershirt, underwear and soap. Jalal Mostaghim. And two BIC razors.


[Sixth letter, lower left-hand side]

05 Shahrivar 1359 [27 August 1980]

Shojaollah, your letter was received. It made me very happy. I am well thank God and have no health issues. Pass on my greetings to everyone. Much love, Mostaghim.


[Seventh letter, at the bottom of the page]