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8/1318 [October 1939]


The Distinguished Cabinet


Respectfully, I am bringing to your attention that I, Yadollah Yavari, resident of Naeimabad of Yazd, chose a wife, and we married last year, 1317 [1938/1939]. To register the deed [of marriage] after the prescribed date, I went to the Marriage Registry Office of Yazd; unfortunately, that office refused to register the deed. As there was not an office for the Baha’is, my only choice was to register in one of the four offices of Islam, Christianity, Zoroastrianism and Judaism. For a Baha’i, it is impossible, in such a situation, to disregard [one’s] conscience, lie to the government and to show himself in the same category as other religions. For this reason, this registration of deed was delayed and has not been attended to. [Recently], the Department of Justice of the City of Yazd issued a summons for me, and I went there. The public prosecutor sentenced me to one month’s detention in jail. Still, it is not clear for me what my crime or sin was, and I do not know why I was sent to jail. The duty of a person who gets married is to contact the Marriage Registry Office [within] the prescribed time limit, and the duty of the office is to register the deed. Now I have done my duty and have not done anything against the [laws] of the country. As the Registry Office did not register the deed, the blame and conviction should not be mine. [I am] requesting your kindness and assistance in this matter, and also [the establishment of] an office for the Baha’is, who have been obedient to the government’s instructions and obeyed them with their hearts and lives, so that the Registry Offices and a group of innocent people will not get into difficulties.


With greatest respect Yadollah Yavari


[Stamped: Received in the Office of Prime Minister].

Number: 10226

Date: 15/8/1318 [7 November 1939]