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17 Shahrivar 1362 [8 September 1983]


The Honourable Public Prosecutor of the General Court of the Islamic Republic of City of Sari

We wish to inform Your Honour that, according to the order of the Prosecutor’s Office, in connection with the settlement of the displaced people in the Village of Ivel; and the return of these people to the place with an officer; and the unfortunate defiance and disobedience of some irresponsible people from among the residents―a report of which, along with our complaints, has been reflected in the case file by the relevant office, and we have also verbally brought the successive events to Your Honour’s attention―the honourable court of Branch 2 summoned and interrogated the plaintiff and the defendant on 13 Shahrivar 1362 [4 September 1983]. After the interrogation session had ended, it was stated that the relevant case had been transferred to the Orost Gendarmerie Station.

The next day, our situation was reported to Your Honour. We referred to the Kiasar Gendarmerie Battalion to find out what the situation was, and in our presence, (two of the displaced people from the Village of Ivel), the respected commander-in-chief [of Kiasar], again on Tuesday and Wednesday, 15 and 16 Shahrivar [6 and 7 September] contacted the chief of the Orost Gendarmerie by wireless telephone. On both occasions, it was reported that, “such a case has not been received at this Gendarmerie.” It is requested that you let us know, in any way the law allows you, who sent the case; and why, after several days have passed, the case has not yet reached the Orost [Gendarmerie] and no action has been taken.

The actions of that esteemed official in this regard will cause the utmost gratitude and appreciation.

Yours sincerely,

Ali-Naghi Jazbani [Signature]

Ali Ahmadi [ Signature]


[Official Stamp:] Registered at the Court’s registry [Illegible] 10802

17 Shahrivar 1362 [8 September 1983]


[Handwritten note at the margin of the page:]

Office [ Illegible] Send to the Orost Gendarmerie station, so that they take action according to previous instructions and announce [illegible] the result.

[Signature] 17 Shahrivar 1362 [8 September 1983]