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12 Esfand 1359 [3 March 1981]


To His Holiness Ayatollah Dr. Beheshti, the respected Head of the Supreme Court of the Islamic Republic of Iran

[Each of us], the undersigned, has lost a loved one in Tehran over the past two years.  In order to find our lost loved ones we have contacted all the legal, judicial and executive authorities in the country.  From the disappearance of the first person, twenty months ago, to the disappearance of the eleven others over six months ago, [apparently] by order of the prosecutor’s office, we have received no information on their whereabouts or reasons for our dear ones’ arrests.  While many responsible officials openly and sometimes indirectly blamed the authorities for our families’ plight, and have promised and given hope of finding news about them, we have yet to receive any information.  Families of these people spend their days and nights in fear and hope, with worries and anxieties.

We request your respected office to order an investigation into these kidnappings, which appear to have been [perpetrated] in the name of the law and by order of the prosecutor's office.  Such orders could not be far from the knowledge or confirmation of powerful and irresponsible people, who now need to identify the group or groups responsible for the arrest of our people.  Where are they being hidden?  What crimes have they committed?  In case of their allegedly being at fault, why are their families not informed of where they are being detained, so they can end these life-reducing worries and anxieties?

It is certain that Your Honour does not approve of such actions, which are contrary to divine, moral, and humane standards, and will not be satisfied to allow a misguided or unaware group of people to commit such unacceptable behaviour under the shadow of an Islamic regime.

If personal and social security vanishes, and the lives and daily existence of people is threatened by mobs, attacks, and destruction of properties, how can anyone hope for the continuation, progress and excellence of a nation?  As it is said, “Ruling with blasphemy endures, but with tyranny it will not.” 

With appreciation for attending to this petition,


Sorayya Abbasian     Vahideh Mogharrabi


Representing the families of:

  1. Movahhed    2- Davoudi     3- Rowshani     4- Taslimi      5- Sadeghzadeh

6-   Mahmoudi   7- Rahmani    8- Naji      9- Naderi      10- Ghadimi

11- Ghaem-Maghami    12- Rowhani