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[Personal information has been redacted.]


7 Mehr 1393 [29 September 2014]


The Honourable Chief of the Court of Administrative Justice,

With utmost respect, I convey the following.  My name is Tara Nikkhah Naeini, with birth certificate number [redacted] issued from [redacted]. I completed my diploma in mathematics and physics in Khordad 1393 [May/June 2014]. It should be mentioned that I was a studious and hardworking student during my primary, secondary, and high school years, as well as in my pre-university studies, and was always among the outstanding students.

This year, I participated in the National University Entrance Examination, under student identification number 1023059 and case number 3097499 in the anticipation of studying in my desired field. I very much hoped to reap the results of 12 years of my hard work and studies and, in doing so, honour my parents and pay my debt to them. Sadly, when I checked the website of the Sanjish Organization [Educational Measurement and Evaluation Organization (EMEO)] for the results of the tests, I was appalled and could not believe that no test results were recorded under my name. This situation was true for my other [Baha’i] friends as well.

Your Honour, Chief of the Court of Administrative Justice, this is nothing but an excuse.  It is a direct outcome of the directive sanctioned by the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, which was endorsed by the honourable supreme leader in order to prevent students like me from entering university to continue our education in our beloved native land. I ask you, an honourable and learned man, whether this cruel order approved by the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution is indeed in conformity with the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, or not.  Dear Sir, you are a knowledgeable Muslim, and a man of high ranking; I am certain that in your rank and position you will be tested by the Almighty God. Why should I and those like me, who live with the hope of a bright future, be deprived of higher education? May your conscience be awakened. You are accountable in the eyes of God.



Tara Nikkhah



[Address:] [Redacted]



Received by the Office of the Secretariat of the Chief Officer of Branch. 

15 Mehr 1393 [7 October 2014]