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National Iranian Oil Company

Oil Rich Districts



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Oil


Number: 59/DZ/10551

Date: 8/6/1359 [30 August 1980]

Enclosure -----


In the Name of God

Subject: Employment Suspension

According to the decision of the Revolutionary Public Prosecutor's Office of Khuzestan, and the  Governor General's Office, given your unlawful employment and affiliation with the perverse Baha’i sect, you are hereby directed not to report to work effective 1/6/1359 [23 August 1980].  Your salary and allowances will accordingly be suspended until further instructions from relevant authorities.

In the event that you do not consider yourself affiliated with this sect, please submit a written statement to that effect so that your case may be reviewed.

9/6/1359 [31 August 1980]

Mohammad Reza Shojaie

Deputy of Financial Affairs in the Oil Rich Districts.


[two official stamps]

Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Oil

National Iranian Oil Company