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Ministry of Interior

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From: Shiraz to Tehran

The Honourable Head of the Consultative Assembly

Copy to: The Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Gholam-Ali Davachi Rowhani

The Baha’is of Iran, in any city where they may be, from the outskirts of the city to the city itself, are sincere and faithful citizens of the state. Up until the present day, they have endured every tribulation, and have referred all judgements concerning themselves and other inhabitants to the government; unfortunately, other than hardship and misery, they have not seen any other result. Recently, in Shiraz, a number of wicked villains, such as Jalal Dallal Shekar and Felfel, Mohammad Esmail Bazzaz—fabric seller, the grocer and Seyyed Tahernam, who fled Tehran and came to Shiraz, and who claim position and right to the pulpit, have become the cause of arbitrary harassment and violence against this group [the Baha’is]. Meanwhile, these sincere citizens are forbidden to defend themselves, and thus make their plea for justice to the authorities.

At present, due to the instructions that are allegedly received from the capital, the aggression and violations of these corrupt people have intensified. Three days ago, a few felt-hatted men, assisted by Jalal Dallal, [illegible] the home of Abdol-Rahman. Abdol-Rahman fled. All his cash and commodities were looted and confiscated. Two days later, his tormented wife was disgracefully taken from her home to the presence of Seyyed Taher, and then sent to the police headquarters.

In an era when Iran is known for its liberty, there is a limit to submitting to and tolerating cruelty and tyranny. Any group, as long as it keeps silent and tolerant, remains deprived of all its rights. Our plea is, firstly, for the authorities to pay serious attention to our appeals, and, if we are regarded as citizens of the government of Iran, to protect our rights, equal to those of the other strata of the society; and, if it does not want us, to buy us out and let us go free. God’s earth is vast, and there are many who are willing to have the likes of such sincere and hardworking citizens and will gladly take us in. And if neither of these options is feasible, leave us free to protect our own rights. We ask nothing whatsoever from the government. All we ask is for you to no longer accept the continuation of this chaos and the autonomous rule of the people, and the oppression and dishonor imposed by the hands of a few contemptible individuals.

The Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Shiraz, Ahadieh [7 Jawza] 1301 [29 May 1922]