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Date: 10 Shahrivar 1358 [1 September 1979]


The Honourable Public Prosecutor General of the Islamic Revolution of Iran,

This is to respectfully inform you that on the afternoon of 27 Mordad 1358 [18 August 1979], a resolution containing several articles was read in a demonstration gathering held in the City of Shahsavar. One of the articles of the resolution emphatically stated that: (All the Baha’is residing in this region have a limit of one month to either convert to Islam or to leave their residence and country. In case they do not comply with one of the two above stated recommendations, after the lapse of the given deadline, action will be taken to kill them and set their homes and properties on fire).

The matter has been reported in person to the city authorities by this community. Therefore, considering the fact that this community is, under all conditions, obedient to the views of the government, we request that instructions be issued to investigate this case and provide the necessary directives to the authorities.

Respectfully submitted,

The Baha’i Community of the City of Shahsavar





  • For the information of the honourable head of the Central Committee of the Islamic Revolution of Iran [and for] the issuance of the necessary orders to the authorities in Shahsavar in relation to the above cases.
  • For the information of the honourable Governor General of the Province of Mazandaran, and for the issuance of the necessary instructions.
  • The National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran, for information and follow-up.