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National Consultative Assembly

Office: -----

Dated: 23 Aqrab [Aban] 3 [14 November 1924]

Number 1018

Enclosure: Copy


The Honourable Ministry of Education and Endowments

[In reference to the letter] signed by (Hassan Mazandarani) as a student of Mazandaran seminary regarding the school he claims has been established in the Village of (Kafshgar Kola) in Aliabad region in Mazandaran, a detailed report was received by the honourable representative, Mr. Aqa- Mirza Hashem Ashtiani. In confirmation of his statement, he has also enclosed an affidavit. Copies of the detailed letter and its enclosure are submitted for your information and thorough investigation. Should this be true, take proper action according to the law to resolve the complaint and report the results at your earliest convenience.

Head of the National Consultative Assembly



[Handwritten note at the bottom of page]

Response to be sent

Mazandaran’s educational representative was asked to report. Proper actions will be taken upon receipt of the results of his investigation.

25 Aqrab [Aban] 1304 [16 November 1925]