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Your Highness, Hojjatol- Islam, Mohammad Khatami,

With greetings and respect, as one of the Baha’is of Iran, I wish to convey the following and plead with Your Highness to issue legal decisions about the following matters.

Based on the existing regulations, such as the regulations passed by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and the regulations pertaining to the management of the country’s premises, which are responsible for issuing business authorizations and work permits for people, they have included a column in their forms asking the applicants to state their religion, and are investigating the applicants’ beliefs. If an applicant does not follow one of the official religions of the country, they will not select the applicant for continuation of his studies or getting a work permit.

Given that, based on Article 23 of the Constitution, investigating people’s beliefs is prohibited, adding a column about religion in these forms is contrary to the aforementioned Article. In the decision-making process, the right to work is [supported] in the framework of Articles 28 and 30 and item 3 of Article 3 of the Constitution.

Therefore, in order to respect the right to work and higher education, it appears that [if the above-mentioned section were deleted] from the forms, Baha’is would also be able to avail themselves of the right to work and obtain higher education, and benefit from these basic human rights.

Now, in view of the above, and the Constitutional Articles listed, please make the appropriate and necessary legal decisions to provide Iranian Baha’is with the possibility to work and continue their higher education.


With respect,

Sousan Tebyanian