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The National Consultative Assembly

Copy: Letter from Shaykh Hasan Mazandarani

Number: -----

Dated: -----

Month: ----- 13

Which is sent, enclosed with the letter dated ----, number 10185.


I would like to convey my heartfelt prayers to Your Highness and also apologise for the inconvenience. Yours truly is a student of the theological school from Mazandaran. Each day letters are received from my homeland containing the complaints of the authorities in those regions and indicating that, in Kafshgar Kola, one of the villages in Aliabad of Mazandaran, their highnesses [Baha’is] have opened a school and a teacher has been assigned to teach the children, who propagates the (.) religion amongst the children of the people. The proof of this claim is a supporting affidavit, which is enclosed. Therefore, I appeal to the higher authorities, the head of the National Consultative Assembly to issue orders to the Department of Education to dissolve the school, and if necessary, establish a school on behalf of the government, which would be greatly appreciated by the writer.

From this devoted servant, Hasan Mazandarani


Copy corresponds with the original

Head of Dar ul-Funun[1]


19 Aban 3 [1303] [10 November 1924]







[1] Established in 1851, was the first modern university and modern institution of higher learning in Iran (Persia).