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Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone



From: Shahroud, to: T [Tehran]; number: 101; date of origin: 9/11 [30 January]; date of receipt: 11/11/[1326] [1 February 1948]

Care of His Holiness Grand Ayatollah Haji Seyyed Aboul-Ghasem Kashani, to the presence of His Royal Highness Shahanshah, may our souls be sacrificed for him, from his servants,

As you are aware, all of our country’s people rely on the continued mercy of His Royal Sovereign.  His Royal Majesty recalls, during the recent years, some adventurous and xenophilic elements who have always been seeking a revolution or creating disorder and anxiety in public opinion to [try to] disrupt the country’s order.  For the last two years, the Baha’i minority, in collaboration with the Tudeh Party, has been creating an extreme sense of unrest by publishing lies in the biased media in this city, whose inhabitants are famous for peace and quiet and their patriotic love of the monarchy.  Some of these events were observed by His Holiness Ayatollah Kashani.  The said media have not refrained from inflicting any insult, slander or accusations on the pious leaders and heads of departments of this city.   Recently, in issues number 41, 42 and 43 of Azadi-e Shargh, they used blasphemous and discourteous material in order to insult this city’s religious authorities, especially the honourable family of His Holiness, the late Ayatollah Agha Sheikh Ahmad, who is extolled and honoured by eighty thousand people.  Some leaders and officials have kept silent towards these issues – perhaps financial benefits prevented them from performing their duties.  Therefore, with several complaints to judicial authorities, due to lack of confidence in them, everyone announced the fifth of Bahman [26 January] as a public holiday and gathered in the mosque, to offer our demands through this petition to your sacred presence.  We beg you to issue a royal order to despatch respectable religious officials, so that, God forbid, grievous events may not be caused by the provocation of public sentiments.

Rezvani, Hosein Nateghi, Habib Akhiani, Ali-Akbar Jameie, Hosein-Ali Mohammadi, Abbas, Hosein, Ali, Mohammad, [Ebrahim?] Sabbaghian, Hasan Akbari, Jafar, Ali Kamili, Dezyanian, Ismail Halabi, Jahazi, Gholam-Reza Bashiri, Ebrahim Jameie, Abbas Sadighi, Abbas Tabasi, Mohammad-Hosein Sabzevari, Ali-Akbar Ameri, Mohammad-Hosein Madadi, Yadollah, Hosein Abedian, Mohammad Mohammadi, Hasan Abdollahian, Mohammad-Jafar Mohammadi, Abul-Ghasem Jamreie, Mohammad-Hasan Dabagh-zadeh, Mohammad-Hosein Jameie, Taghi Kafi, Ahmad Vakilian, Esmail, Hosein, Mohammad, Hasan Kamali, Hasan Taghian, Hasan Hoseini, Mohammad Sabzevari, Nosrat Sadighi, Akbar Tehrani, Javad Abedian, Jafari, Mohammad Okhovat, Ali-Akbar Khajeh, Seyyed Abul-Ghasem,

Yadollah Sadeghi, Fathollah Abedian, Mohammad-Reza Anaraki, Seyyed Ali-Akbar Rafiei, Mohammad-Sadegh Mohammadi, Seyyed Hasan Mir-Ghafourian, Fathollah Amoui, Razzazan, Mir-Shahi, Akbar Jalali, Hasan Nanami, Mohammad-Hasan Akbarian, Ismail Ghadimi, Mohammad-Taghi Razzazan, Javad Najafian, Ahmad Sabzevari, Mohammad Razzazan, Ali-Asghar Tehrani, Hosein Tehrani, Ali-Akbar Tehrani, Gholam-Reza Dezyanian, Ali-Akbar Najafi, Ali Mahdavi, Jafar Razzazan, Ali-Akbar Jalali, Mehdi Enayatfard, Mehdi Sabzevari, Mohammad-Mehdi Dezyani, Mohammad-Hasan Saffari, Seyyed Taghi Seiyf, Abdol-Hosein Baghi, Mirza Hosein, Seyyed Hasan Jamali, Nayeri, Abbas, Mehdi, Seyyed Hosein Mir-Ghasemi, Ali-Asghar Jalali, Ali-Akbar Nourani, Mohammad-Ali Asghari, Javad Amjadi, Seyyed Hasan Jalali, Abbas Dezyani, Ahmad Rahimian, Abdol-Hosein Jalali, Ali-Akbar Sabzevari, Seyyed Mohammad Rafiei, Hosein Rezvani, Mohammad-Reza Khorasani, Ali Saghari, Ali Sahafian, Mohammad Mir-Ghafourian, Mohammad-Hosein Mofidi, Abbas Taheri, Ali Rahimian, Ahmad, Ali, Mohammad, Habib Aghayan, Ali Jalali, Jafar Mir-Sadeghi, Ali-Akbar Jafari, Mohammad-Hasan Hoseinzadeh, Mohammad-Reza Paydar, Abbas-Gholi Ameri, Mohammad Mahdavi, Yahya Mirzaie.



[Margin 1:] [Stamp: Tehran Telegraph Office]

[Margin 2:] [Stamp: Royal Special Office, number 8019, date: 25/11/1326] [10 February 1948]

[Regulating number: 125004, envelope number: 224]