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5 Mehr 1352 [27 September 1973]



The Esteemed Chief Commissioner of The National Police Force Headquarters

Respectfully, we convey that recently, in some parts of the country, malevolent and seditious individuals, who are constantly seizing the opportunity to set ablaze the fire of division, distrust, enmity and discord within the hearts of our compatriots, and cause stress and anxiety for some people, have taken certain steps and carried out actions which are regrettable and deplorable.

At this time, when the holy month of Ramadan is approaching and there exists the possibility of actions against the Baha’is in cities, townships and villages which could result in their hardship and suffering, we implore that higher authority, which is responsible for national order and security, to issue strict instructions to protect and safeguard one of the religious minorities, which has proved in action its obedience and submission to government, and has no other desire but the advancement and progress of this beloved nation.


With respect,

Chairman of the Assembly

Secretary of the Assembly