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In the Name of God

Date: 21 Shahrivar 1387 [11 September 2008]


The Esteemed Member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly

I, Samim Pezeshki, participated in the national university entrance examination in 1387 [2008], and when the results were announced, to my surprise, the results of my work were not included. After having sent three letters to the Sanjish[1] organization and emailing five letters to the electronic system request.sanjesh.org, I had no response. After that, I wrote to the Ministry of Science, but unfortunately, I did not receive any reply. Telephone calls also ran into difficulties.

Now, after a month, I have not yet received the results, while the other candidates are registering.

It is requested of that esteemed official, as elected by the people and trusted by them, that he please inform me after investigating this matter. I hope that by paying attention, the causes of divine satisfaction will be provided in order to spread justice.

Regards and appreciation

Samim Pezeshki

Language volunteer number: 2399901

Mathematical volunteer number: 1042787

Letter sent to the Ministry of Science numbers: d614-488b

Letter Number submitted to the Sanjish organization:

871382832, 871380287, 871384833, 871383886, 871446451



[1] [Sanjish:  Educational Assessment and Evaluation Organization]