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Cycling Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Cycling Board of the Province of Isfahan

(Year 1395 [2016], Year of Economic Resilience, Action and Practice)

The Supreme Leader


Number: K 138

Date: 28 Tir 1395 [18 July 2016]

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Respected Cycling Board of the City of Najafabad

Praised be God, and salutations upon Mohammad and His disciples (PBUH)

This is to respectfully inform you that for purposes of cultural advancement, and in order to provide cycling services to the upright and talented people and athletes of Najafabad, and in line with the goals of the Isfahan Provincial Committee for greater collaboration, unity and solidarity between the active professional and amateur cultural and cycling teams in the flourishing City of Najafabad with its loving and faithful people, we are hoping that with the collaboration of our dear and devout brothers in the Cycling Board of Najafabad, and especially with the cooperation of the executive agents of the Sports Organization of Najafabad City, the goals of the Committee will be implemented in that city; as a result, such an action will lead to reward and benefit in this world and the world beyond, and, God willing, it will become an eternal provision for all the dear ones, leading to the outpouring of the grace of God and greater prosperity in life.

Dear esteemed friends: unity, harmony, fault-covering eyes, patience, tolerance, sincere love, faith in God Almighty, confirmation and assistance resulting from good will in any group and family will lead to advancement and the elimination of any ill feeling, and this will be gradually infused into your sportsmanship and cultural activities, and as a fruit and result of such unity, the hearts will grow closer, and God willing, ever-increasing blessings and prosperity will come your way.

You will become role models for the youth and children in your groups, who will learn from your forgiveness, humanity and unity, and in the near future, they will become forgiving and self-sacrificing adults, just like their trainers and devoted instructors. This is indeed praiseworthy and sublime. It is also worth mentioning that in our beloved country, Iran, love, altruism and the unity of all peoples and tribes have been and will continue to be the talk of everyone, high and low.

The most important principle is the security of the family and society. You must make good use of this important virtue in all the sports groups. The athletes must joyfully work together with an unshakeable faith and be active in a loving environment. The young must respect their elders, and the older ones must show consideration towards the youth, so that all may develop in the same big family and be properly guided by your respected Committee, to achieve excellence.

We must forget the past and fix our gaze upon a bright future with greater goals and vigour and aim specially to serve the youth, junior youth and the sport-loving people, as well as the faithful families of that city. All must be guided and protected within the framework of the same social, cultural, sport and disciplinary regulations. There is nothing greater than forgiveness and devotion towards a friend and fellow human being. The common good should be the priority in all matters.

Success comes from God

Saman Lotfi


In charge of the Committees in cities within Isfahan Province

Isfahan – Azadi Square (Shiraz Main Gate) – Enghelab Stadium

Telefax: 36206084

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