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In the Name of God

The Honourable Governor of Khuzestan, Mr. Moghtadaei,

With greetings, respect and well-wishing prayers for Your Honour, I am Saeid Sobhi, one of the Baha’i citizens of Ahvaz. I wish to respectfully inform you that, on behalf of the brother and family of the late Mr. Shamel Bina, who passed away on 6 Aban 1393 [28 October 2014], I have the responsibility of receiving his body, shrouding his body, and, according to [his] will, executing his burial according to the Baha’i burial principles.

Unfortunately, since 18 Esfand 1392 [9 March 2014], the Ahvaz Metropolitan Municipality has closed and sealed the gate of the cemetery of this community and has prevented the burial of the dead, and has even prohibited the passage of the families through the graveyard [of this community’s cemetery] to visit the graves of their loved ones, I therefore request that you please issue the necessary instructions for allocation to this community of a piece of land in Ahvaz, which might have the appropriate conditions for the burial and resting place.

I hope that with your bright [service] records, this minimum requirement of citizenship for this oppressed community will be met.

Saeid Sobhi [Stamp and Signature]

14 Aban 1393 [5 November 2014]


[Handwritten note under the letter]

In the Name of God

Dear Mr. Motamed,

With greetings.

Please view this letter, investigate and negotiate.

Date: 17 Aban 1393 [8 November 2014]


In the Name of God

Dear Brother, The Esteemed Engineer Zaim

Honourable Deputy General Director

With greetings and respect,

As you are aware, during the previous years, a remote area within the Beheshtabad Cemetery of Ahvaz, was allocated to the deceased who were sentenced by the order of the Revolutionary Court.

At present by this action of the Municipality, it has become impossible for the above-mentioned minority to refer to their graves [cemetery]. On the other hand, no other place has been allocated for the burial of their (the newly deceased) deceased. It seems that by allocating a place in the [illegible] cemetery, a part of the above problems will be solved.

Therefore, please issue the necessary orders.

With Gratitude,

Motamed [Signature]

17 Aban 1393 [8 November 2014]