[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Name: Dr. Rouhollah Taalim

Son of: Ebrahim

Birth Certificate Number: [Redacted]

Date of Birth: 1316

Evin Prison, 18 Azar 1363 [9 December 1984], 6 p.m.


At this time, I bear witness to the unity of God and confess my belief in all His prophets.

Within the next few minutes I say my final goodbye to my devoted wife; my beloved daughters, Shaghayegh and Nikan; my mother; my brothers, Ehsanollah, Jahangir and Shahrokh; my sisters, Bahareh or Nahid, Shiva and their families; Behjat Khanum, dear Jaleh, Ali-Reza, Hamid, Shohreh and their child; my maternal uncles and their families; my paternal cousins and their families; my paternal aunts and their families; my maternal cousins and their families; my loved ones, Mr. Mohammad-Bagher, Mr. Mohammad-Kazem, Mohammad-Hasan Khashayar, and their families; Agha Daie and family, and to everyone else whom I am thinking of at this moment and to all my friends, acquaintances and associates. In a few minutes, I will say goodbye to you forever and seek forgiveness and prayers from you all. I request my daughters to be kind to your mother whom I love more than anyone else.

Evin Prison, Dr. Rouhollah Taalim