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In the Name of God


Dear Mr. Manager


We would like to inform the esteemed official that on 3 Aban 1399 [24 October 2020], a number of Sari Natural Resources officers, including special force and police officers, and a number of rural guards from the entire region, entered Roshan Kouh village and started to destroy the fences of agricultural lands, and establish new fences seizing the already cultivated lands. This was done without providing any court order to the property owners. They entered the lands making verbal statements with a piece of paper in their hands that they did not provide. None of the victims of the Roshan Kouh area were given prior notice of this action by the Sari Natural Resources and Watershed Management Department. It is interesting that no violation had been reported by these officers to the Natural Resources Department. So how was such a court order issued, giving the right for the Natural Resources agents to take possession of these lands? How is it that these lands which have been cultivated for more than one hundred years (by the testimony of all the surrounding villages and the people of the area, including the officials and the rural guards) be seized by the Natural Resources Department overnight, while these lands have official ownership deeds and Land Reform documents?

Therefore, we ask that esteemed official to take action as soon as possible to prevent such blatant oppression in the region that is being administered under your administration.


With respect

[Five signatures at the bottom of the letter]