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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Aein-e Eslam

[Date:] 22 Shahrivar 1325 [13 September 1946]

[Issue No.:] 26

[Page:] 11


[Heading:] Distinguished Professor Nosratollah Nouriyani, Director of Aein-e Eslam Newspaper

Copy to Dr. Keshavarz, Minister of Education

Copy to Ettelaat Newspaper

Herewith, we cordially disturb you to convey that the Ministry of Education, in addition to expanding and promoting knowledge, must promote religion and endeavour to promote religion through its staff. But as you are aware, contrary to this aim, it is observed that Muslim children—those children that from an early age, must learn from the teachers about Islam and Shari’a subjects in the primary schools and high schools—[have] teachers who, unfortunately, are chosen from amongst the Zoroastrians, Jews and Baha’is. They will be completely diverted and misguided from the straight path and the path that was trodden by their parents, and tomorrow they will become a group of faithless [atheistic] youth, presented to our society, which has the best and most exalted religious teachings. These teachers are: 1- Mr. Hormoz Yar Kharkhani (Zoroastrian) 2- Elhagh Sadighom (Jewish) 3- Morad Firouz Talea (Jewish) 4- Rahim Of (Jewish) 5- Nayyereh Boutorabi (Baha’i)

Herewith, we the signatories [of this letter] demand that you dismiss all the non-Muslim employees from the Ministry of Education and hand over the education to Muslim teachers. Should you not comply with this purpose, we are obliged to prohibit our children from being educated.


Signature of 64 people

On behalf of 4,500 residents of the Damavand Tribe

Mostafa Rahnama