[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


General number: 5

Private number: -----

Dossier: 14765

File: -----



Ministry of the Interior

Department: -----

Office -----

Branch -----


Type of draft: -----

Subject of the draft: -----

Attachment: Yes

Transcribed by: -----


Date of writing: 27 Aban 1329 [18 November 1950]

Date of registration: -----

Date of transcription: -----

Date of release: 25 Aban 1329 [16 November 1950]


The Bank Melli of Iran

An exact copy of the petition of a number of the inhabitants of Borujen, dated 26 Mehr 1329 [17 November 1950], complaining about Mr. Eshraghi, the head of the Bank Melli of Shahr-e Kord, who is the chairman of the Assembly of the Baha’is [illegible], is [to be retained] for information.

Kindly inform the Ministry of the Interior of the results of the issued instructions when returning the petition.

On behalf of the Minister of the Interior





25 Aban 1329 [16 November 1950]


[Handwritten note below the letter]

Deputy, further to the submitted letter, number 13154, dated 18 Aban 1329 [9 November 1950] for the information of the Director General of the Office of the Council of Ministers [illegible]


25 Aban 1329 [16 November 1950]