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Urgent Telegram

Date: 13 Aban 1358 [4 November 1979]


Your Honour, Mr. Mehdi Bazrgan, the Prime Minister

Copy: Mr. Ebrahim Yazdi – The Minister of Foreign Affairs

Copy: Mr. Naser Minachi – The Minister of National Guidance


I wish to respectfully inform Your Honour:

The downpour of calamities, disasters and oppressive accusations that has been rushing against the afflicted and defenceless Baha’i community of Iran is taking a new dimension every day, and in spite of this decisive truth—that obedience to the government and abstaining from interfering in political affairs is part of the religious conscientiousness of the Baha’is—in recent days, the media, on behalf of the government authorities, with utmost repression, has accused this community of being antagonistic towards the government and participating in uprising and revolt.

Because there is the fear that, besides the unwarranted reaction of such accusations in the hearts of the compatriots and creation of discord and rancour, God forbid, the matter taints the heart and confuses the mind of the greatly esteemed leader of the nation against this community, which has no aims and purpose other than peace, concord, sincerity and honesty, we therefore emphatically plead with you to permit, while going through a thorough investigation of the verity, which will surely lead to proving the falsehood of such news, the envoys of this community to meet you and explain the matter. The people of Baha, in all conditions, trust the All-Merciful God and are thankful and appreciative of Your Honour’s judgement. [We] sincerely pray for the authorities of the country so that they will succeed in establishing justice and preventing oppression and tyranny.


On behalf of the Baha’i Community of Iran

Dr. Hosein Naji

Manouher Ghaem-Maghami


Sender’s address: [redacted]