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San‘ati and Ma‘dani Bank of Iran

Number: 14390

Date: 2/4/1326- [24 June 1947]

Enclosure: 2 pages


Honourable Ashraf[1], Prime Minister,


As you are aware and has been brought to your attention, from the day when the responsibility was given to Messrs engineers Asbaghi and Shahid Zadeh, who are the best and capable officers of the bank, to oversee work of the factories in Behshar and Shahi they started with a [proper] system and special routine to avoid extra expenses and to increase production day by day. The way that their system works is that it not only stops the misuse of funds, which had been the case in the past, any hope of those people [the offenders] to continue their misuse has been dashed. The letters which are now written against the heads of the factories and the excuses they [the authors of those letters] furnish are under the direction of those individuals [the offenders] whose crime of stealing has been strictly prevented. For the information of the Excellency a copy of the letter from Mohammad Bagher Sepehri is attached to this letter.


San‘ati and Ma‘dani Bank of Iran, Chief Executive Office;

[Signature: Salman Asadi]


[Margin 1:] Reported

[Margin 2:] Noted

[Margin 3:] [Stamp: Received at the Office of Prime Minister, number 6650, date: 30/4/1326] -

[22 July 1947]




[1] [Ashraf means “The Most Noble”; it is the title of Prime Minister Ahmad Ghavam,and was given to him by the Iranian Shah, Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi]