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20 Azar 1362 [11 December 1983]


Esteemed head of the Disciplinary Court of Judges,

Respectfully, the following is conveyed in reference to letter number 128/3/62.

  1. Citing the 15 Shahrivar 1362 [6 September 1983] circular of Supreme Leader Imam Khomeini, regarding restitution of the homes of individuals who reside abroad, in which he says [if the owner has left the residential unit in the hands of close relatives or tenants, it will remain in the hands of the occupant], I request the revocation of a five-page unlawful order of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is contrary to Shari’a, regarding the seizure and the deposit of the leased property’s income into the deposit account and the issuance of a decree on the return of the leased rental properties received by my children.

I convey, moreover, that I, the mother of the owners, without any knowledge of the formation of the Islamic Republic, etc., similar to all the people of the country, bought an old, demolishable house in 1354 [1975-1976] to spend our savings and build an apartment building after acquiring a loan from the Rahni (Maskan) Bank.

In order to confirm my points, the letter from the court and the response of the National Registration Office of the Islamic Republic and the five-page order of the Public Prosecutor’s Office are enclosed.

  1. Citing the 1358 [1979-1980] circular of Ayatollah Gilani, and in reference to the circular of the Supreme Judiciary Council, dated in Farvardin 1360 [March-April 1981] regarding restitution of home, automobile and home furnishings at a conventional level, I request the restitution of this family’s 1354 [1975] model Hillman Automobile.
  2. Citing the second order of Shari’a Judge (Hojjatol-Islam Tabatabaie), dated 7 Mordad 1361 [29 July 1982] regarding the restitution of a rug, radio and television set, etc., I request the execution of the above order.

I also convey that, after the execution of the death sentence, the esteemed Shari’a judge told me repeatedly, “Your house and that of your children belong to you.” Since it is impossible to calculate the rights (income) and the remaining has been spent on the family, only his moveable properties are confiscated, and this was the last order.

In addition, Mr. Soltani has investigated my complaint in detail on behalf of the National Investigation Organization and has communicated the [information] to the Supreme Judiciary Council in four pages. The case number in the National Investigation Organization is 400/1316/61.


The case number at the Article 90 Commission is 12298/25. I also convey that my children are students and the Rahni Bank has a lien on the house.




Pari Vahdat-Hagh

20 Azar 1362 [11 December 1983]