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30 Aban 1371 [21 November 1992]


In the Name of God

Esteemed Head of the Judicial and Legal Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran, Mr. Baghbani

With respect and after supplications to the divine threshold and pleas to Your Highness and all of the esteemed members of the Judicial and Legal Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran, I convey the following.  Pursuant to the letter I sent you on 24 Aban 1371 [15 November 1992] regarding the confiscation of the only apartment belonging to my three children—who are students in friendly countries with whom the government of the Islamic Republic has treaties of friendship and cultural, political, commercial and consular relationships, and who are studying and living like thousands of other Iranians holding Iranian passports—[I wish to inform you that] on 6 Khordad 1370 [27 May 1991], based on ruling number 22794, an order was issued to confiscate their property. In Tir 1371 [June/July 1991], the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Orders, while holding the preliminary court decision in its hand, went to the Document Registration Office and transferred the deed of ownership to its own name. It did so contrary to the circular issued by the Supreme Judicial Council under number Sh/P/49/65 dated 28 Bahman 1365 [17 February 1987] which stated that, before the execution of an order of confiscation, the preliminary order, the decision of the Supreme Court, and the final ruling of the court must have been issued, and only then can the deed of ownership be transferred. In addition, contrary to the circular of the Judiciary signed by Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi under number 1/150/7/3 dated 13 Azar 1369 [4 December 1990], which required that, after announcing the order to the defendant, in case of an appeal, the file must be sent to the Supreme Court and then to the relevant committee for execution only after going through the legal procedures, they did not inform me as a mother and guardian of my children whose power of attorney—certified by the Islamic Republic’s Consulate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs—exists in the file. I still do not know for what reason and wherefore the only apartment belonging to my children, which was our home for thirty-one (31) years and has belonged to us for 41 years, has been confiscated. My children, who are students and hold Iranian passports, are under the protection of the Islamic Republic. Secondly, with regards to my husband, the late Sayyid Hosein Vahdat-Hagh, now ten years after his execution, they confiscated his property on 6 Khordad 1370 [27 May 1991] under the pretext of taking back the wages he earned during his youth in service to this country and which he spent on himself and his family before he was executed in his old age. Furthermore, a few hours before his execution, he wrote down some of his debts for which he was responsible. Now, the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Orders has transferred to its ownership our only two-bedroom residential apartment and his telephone line that had been entrusted to me. They have done so notwithstanding the circular number 1/22443 dated 10 Bahman 1360 [30 January 1982] of the Supreme Judicial Council, which states that any order of confiscation must be approved by the Supreme Revolutionary Court; otherwise it is void of any Sharia or legal significance.

Esteemed Head and Members of the Judicial and Legal Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, each one of you who are seated on the throne of justice of Imam Ali, the mighty lion of God, and bear the responsibility from God to issue the laws of the country in accordance with the sacred religion of Islam, [I ask you] does Islamic justice and fairness allow for such orders to be issued after twelve (12) years?? Could I not have gone to be with my children, if I did not have the hope of their return?? I swear by all that is sacred that only my strong love and attachment to my homeland has enabled me to remain steadfast and resilient in the face of these thousands of calamities and misfortunes.

I beseech and beg of each one of you dear leaders to favour me with Islamic mercy and compassion and issue your decision along with my letters and documents for action on Article 35 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CCP) numbers 1 and 2. Our neighbours, who during the last twelve (12) years have not given us anything but trouble, and at times shouts and curses, now wish to purchase my children’s apartment, having found me to be a single and forlorn woman. Unfortunately, the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Orders, disregarding the circular issued by the Supreme Judicial Council and the judiciary, intends to sell it to them as quickly as possible. Therefore, once again I humbly beg you to transform the mere light of hope in my heart to a blazing fire with your Islamic justice and compassion. May you be rewarded by God. I am enclosing 12 copies (three circulars), the letter from the Telecommunications Department, the letter from the Post Office, and my husband’s will.



Paridokht Vahdat Hagh


30 Aban 1371 [21 November 1992]


Address: [Redacted] Vahdat-Hagh