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To the Esteemed Prosecutor General, Mr. Hojatoleslam Mousavi

Respectfully, for your heart’s assurance, praying to the one and only God, I say “O my God, O my Lord, O my Master! I beg thee to forgive me for seeking any pleasure save thy love, or any comfort except Thy nearness…”[1] or [Persian prayer][2] and it is also written: “The structure of world stability and order hath been reared upon, and will continue to be sustained by, the twin pillars of reward and punishment.”[3]

In reference to my plea for justice through Mr. Ghazipour, the esteemed deputy of the parliamentary legal commission, and my request for application of the provisions of Article 35 of the Criminal Courts 1 and 2 Procedures Act, dated 12 Azar 1371 [3 December 1992], Mr. Farkhondeh, your respected secretary, has written some of the injustices in his own handwriting, plus the sentence, etc., etc., and he has raised my request to apply the provisions of Article 35 of the Criminal Courts 1 and 2 Procedures Act, and you have issued in your own handwriting the order to apply the above mentioned Article.

After I had gone there many times and been asked many questions, Mr. Ebrahimi ordered it to be archived. One of his reasons for archiving it was, “Because the Baha’is love the world, as opposed to their homeland, they are, therefore, spies”!! I said that we believed that Iran would soon [Persian writings][4] Moreover, Iran is a part of this world; all the Baha’is around the world adore Iran and their highest wish is to visit this land. They consider Tehran as “the Dayspring of His light and the source of the joy of all mankind”[5]. Therefore, loving the world is not proof of not loving Iran and being a spy.

Mr. Ebrahimi asked, “Why didn’t you leave Iran?” I replied, “As I said before, I am a Baha’i and one of our teachings is total obedience to the government and the law, and leaving with the assistance of people smugglers is against the law. Unfortunately, they don’t give me a passport either”.

Dear Prosecutor, with immense difficulty, I managed to enter the third level where your headquarters and your relevant offices were situated, and obtained an appeal order, which was once again archived, in spite of my repeated approaches and their assurances. I succeeded in meeting you in private, owing to the efforts of Mr. Farkhondeh, and after hearing my pleas for justice, and reading my complaint, and seeing the word, Baha’i, you said, “No, no, that’s impossible, we won’t do that”.

I said, “Haj Agha, we both believe that God is, right now, observing our conversation, and He is my witness that whatever I have written is but a speck of the mountain of the whole truth.”

Owing to the presence of a few guards and two camera men and voice recording equipment, you quietly whispered the reason for my plea and the word “Baha’i” into your secretary’s ear, and you repeated twice, “I want the order” and you issued a written mandate.

I then left the room with immense gratitude. On my way out, I saw Mr. Khoshghalb; I called him Mr. Farkhondeh and thanked him. He asked about the result of my meeting and I explained. He then guided me to the waiting room and asked me to sit. After a long wait, Mr Ebrahimi and Mr. Khoshghalb entered. Upon seeing me, Mr. Ebrahimi questioned me with agitation as to why and how I had attained your presence. After hearing from Mr. Khoshghalb about the order and after talking to him, Mr. Ebrahimi said, “I don’t want the order and it should not go ahead.”

Dear Prosecutor, you then entered the room from amongst a crowd of men and went towards a man who was wearing a turban. Mr. Ebrahimi called you, and after greetings, he pointed to me and told you, “I won’t act upon it.”

You came towards me, and after seeing me in the gathering of men, you said “Yes, I want the order, the order must be retrieved.” Mr. Khoshghalb then reassured me that he would act in accordance with the orders of Mr. Prosecutor.

After giving me an appointment for another day and time, they dismissed me, and I went home with a heart full of gratitude and hope in the Divine Threshold. Anyway, after that I went there a number of times and Mr. Khoshghalb told me not to go there anymore. I asked, “Even with the prosecutor’s orders, you ask me not to go because I am a Baha’i?”

He said, “Yes, you are unclean. I don’t want you in my room anymore.”

I said, “I promise not to come to you anymore.”

I went repeatedly to Mr. Ebrahimi and he once told me, “Whenever I see you and your proofs, I get upset. I promise to act according to the higher orders and report back to the public prosecutor’s office.”

I was summoned to the public prosecutor’s office; the summons had said, “You are commanded to appear at the Enforcement of Judgements Branch 2 within three days.”

Mr. Farkhondeh’s kindness and efforts made it possible for me to have another private meeting with you. You read Mr. Ebrahimi’s letter and said afterwards, “Ebrahimi has written that you can’t appeal the judgement.”

After saying a few words in my defence and submitting a letter, I left the room after your secretary said, “Goodbye and go in the custody of God.”

Those days, I realized that Mr. Ebrahimi was not at fault. There definitely is in existence a confidential directive from higher authorities signed by a group of religious clergymen and yourself, indicating lack of attendance to the affairs of the Baha’i community, and that the provisions of Article 35 of the Criminal Courts 1 and 2 Procedures Act do not apply to the Baha’is.

Dear highly regarded prosecutor, Haj Agha, I pleaded for justice from various authorities, including the esteemed leader. After my continuous appeals and requests for the tape recording of my voice, by the grace of God, the esteemed leader examined my letters and tape and issued an order of investigation, after so many years. After many hours of questioning, in the presence of two individuals, I was given verbal permission to apply for a passport. I said I had been applying for a passport for over four years and had been denied because I was a Baha’i and I was told “Apply, we will arrange it.”

With their efforts, may God give them the recompense they deserve, my passport number [redacted] was issued and I am currently living in Germany. Yes, my dear sir, that is how I attained my goal, which was my pain relief. “Far be it from us to despair at any time of the incalculable favours of God, for if it were His wish He could cause a mere atom to be transformed into a sun and a single drop into an ocean. He unlocketh thousands of doors, while man is incapable of conceiving even a single one.”[6]

Dear Sir and Esteemed Public Prosecutor, you are considered by God and by all Iranians as the prosecutor general. In my opinion, you have an immensely valuable position, which is to deliver judgement and observe justice and equity, since you are sitting at Imam Ali’s Throne of Justice, and in the name of Islam you have the high-status responsibility, before God and the people, for executing the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has been taken on by the majority of the people of Iran.

Dear Sir, you and all the clergymen and the learned authorities undoubtedly accept the following sentences: “The life of mankind dependeth on justice”[7], or “Justice and equity are two guardians for the protection of man”[8], or “There is no force on earth that can equal in its conquering power the force of justice and wisdom”[9], or “Justice may shine upon the world and sanctify it from tyranny”[10]. For your information, I hereby include the four judgements issued for my husband and my family, which I have read repeatedly. I have heard that similar orders have been issued for countless numbers of individuals from the Baha’i community, so that you may judge with justice and fairness and may resolve the problems in consultation with a group of your clergymen, God willing

  1. First judgement: Issued by Mr. Mehdi Tabatabaie, Sharia judge of the Anti-Corruption Department, for my husband. “Subject: Spy, due to strong belief in the … Baha’i sect and refusing to recant, is sentenced to death.” 1360 [1981/1982]
  2. Second judgement: Signed by The Supreme Judicial Council, Subject “Seyyed Hosein Vahdat-i-Hagh, Army officer in possession of fictitious medallions, managing director of a Baha’i company, one of five members of the technical and vocational committee providing free training for the students and sending them to small cities; a poem was found of which he was, seemingly, the writer and composer. He is sentenced to death, should he refuse to recant”. Anyway, my husband followed his martyred ancestors at Karbala and sacrificed some drops of his blood for the Incomparable God and in the last ten minutes of grace given to him to decide, he chanted a prayer with his beautiful voice and then with open eyes received 9 bullets, 9 Azar 1360 [30 November 1981]
  3. Third judgement: Signed by Haj Mehdi Tabatabaie, Subject “Family properties to be returned” 1361 [1982/1983] which was not carried out.
  4. Fourth judgement: Number 22794, dated 6 Khordad 1370 [27 May 1991] (Ten years after my husband’s execution, which was immediately carried out): Subject “Hosein Vahdat-i-Hagh was executed in the year 1360 [1981/1982] for being a member of the …Baha’i sect, his properties will be confiscated in return for the salary received during his service.” In front of my name was written: Subject “Baha’i, was imprisoned for three months but was released. Writ of non-prosecution was ordered for her and her properties.” Separately, in front of each of the names of my three children was written, “According to the mother, are members of the … Baha’i sect and reside abroad; therefore, they are not under the protection of the Islamic Republic and all three properties are confiscated; if any has been sold, it will be taken back.” This judgement was carried out immediately and the ownership of all properties was transferred to Execution of the Imam Khomeini's Order (Guardianship of a competent jurist over the people) and they are in the process of being sold.

Dear Sirs, here is a very brief summary of the defence:

  1. In accordance with the law, dated 29 Aban 1358 [20 November 1979], the issuing of an execution order or investigating the file of the employees of the Armed Forces is under the jurisdiction of the Army’s Revolutionary Court and not the Ani-Corruption Court. (The correct implementation of criminal procedures was not observed)
  2. Based on the circular issued on behalf of the supreme leader during the president’s term of office, “Espionage of individuals must be investigated at competent courts.” (This was not observed, as it took place in the Anti-Corruption Court!!)
  3. In Mr. Mehdi Tabatabaie’s judgement there is only mention of the [execution order] due to his religious belief in the Baha’i Faith, and there is no mention of confiscation of movable and unmovable properties in the sentence or the appeals order. The only order was appropriation of his properties in return for the salaries received during the time of his service.
  4. In accordance with the supreme leader’s circular, individuals are pardoned and exempt from restitution of salaries received for their past services, and I have many times witnessed such exemptions, let alone issuance of such an order for someone who was executed ten years ago for being a Baha’i. (Esteemed sirs, his cell mates and I were falsely advised that my husband had been sentenced to ten to fifteen years of imprisonment and was going to be taken to Evin Prison, while that day they kept me at the Anti-Corruption Office from approximately 8:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. under various pretexts and didn’t return the body. O God, you are aware of all the injustices they committed in Your name, and O Almighty Lord, all the oppressions and sufferings inflicted in Your name, which I patiently and forbearingly endured. My innocent children, all alone, grappled with such pain, sorrow, worries, and work, study and life difficulties in foreign countries. O Lord, You and only You are the Answerer, and the All-Knowing One.
  5. In accordance with circular number 1/2763 of The Supreme Council of the Judiciary System, dated 29 Farvardin 1361 [18 April 1982], the debts of individuals must be attended to and repaid. Based on the will written at the time of execution of the order, which I received after five years through the Commission for Article 90, his debt is stated in [his] will but it has not been dealt with at all.
  6. Based on the section of the same circular, the life necessities of the convicted person, such as a reasonable and suitable house for his dependent family, and home furnishings, car, essential necessities of life and tools of trade must be provided for, up to a reasonable extent. Not only was this not carried out, but his two-bedroom apartment, situated in the basement next to the Amani building, was seized and I was deprived of its insignificant rent for ten years. After ten years, they issued an order for its confiscation, and they are now intending to sell it. They took carpet, gold, silver, electrical appliances, camera, radios and televisions―in brief, anything they needed―without writing a report. In short, they took the family car, used it for six years, and in the year 1366 [1987/1988], sold it without any confiscation order as a car which was disposed of on the side of the street.

Defending my children: I have in my possession thirteen power of attorney letters from my three children, dated at different times, which have been confirmed by the embassy of the Islamic Republic and have the embossed seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They are all available at the prosecutor’s office.

  1. In accordance with the country’s current regulations, my daughter, as an Iranian with Iranian passport, has married an Australian citizen, after obtaining permission from competent authorities. Sharia criteria require that the wife should reside in the husband’s place of residence. They have two daughters and are unable to travel to and fro. My daughter is neither a fugitive nor outside the protection of the Islamic Republic of Iran. After 20 years of marriage, she is still proud to be an Iranian and travels with an Iranian passport.
  2. My two sons live and study in Germany, possessing Iranian passports and citizenship. Due to home renovations, debts and the subsequent Revolution and other events, I have been incapable of sending them money from the year 1360 [1981/1982] onwards. They have therefore been forced to work and continue their studies with great difficulty. Are endeavours towards learning and education in order to advance the higher goals of humanity and studying the sciences in countries which have a friendly cultural, political and trade relationship with the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, considered as reasons to be fugitives and outside the protection of the Islamic Republic of Iran?

Are not my many complaints and proofs, from Ordibehesht 1361 [April/May 1982] onwards, and the existence of numerous documents in my files, the reason why none of the judges nor the Sharia judge of Branch Three of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice, where the judgement 22794, dated 6 Khordad 1370 [27 May 1991] was issued, signed the judgement and only the esteemed chief justice, Hosein Nayyeri signed it? Was not his signature just a matter of signing and passing it on, because he is so busy, with so much work to do? I am certain he was not aware of the content of the files, the powers of attorney, the marriage approval of the Ministry of Interior, and my numerous pleas for justice, and that he just signed where he had to and passed them on. We have heard his repeated statements at the Human Rights Commission saying, “We have never caused trouble for the Baha’is”. Anyway, all my children have Iranian passports, even the most recent version, where the picture of Imam Khomeini appears on every page, and they travel with them. For these reasons, I request the cancellation of the issued judgements, and I ask that the letter I wrote to the Supreme Court on 12 Azar 1371 [3 December 1992], in which I requested the application of the provisions of Article 35 of the Criminal Courts 1 and 2 Procedures Act, be taken out of the archives and be processed as of that date.

In my own defence, it was mentioned that I was recently directed by the supreme leader and the authorities in charge of my case to apply for a passport. I entered Germany with my passport number [redacted], but unfortunately, it seems that the Execution of the Imam Khomeini's Order [EIKO] and the Revolutionary Prosecutor’s office are intending to vacate and confiscate my apartment, which hasn’t yet been seized, and to vacate the place where I lived. I enclose two number 3 formal notices which I have at hand and I request investigation and prevention of seizure of my properties.

Dear Sir and Esteemed Public Prosecutor, I have written this detailed letter, firstly, to remind you of the accounts of my pleas for justice, and secondly, to draw your just and compassionate attention to the judgements issued for my family, which are similar to the judgements issued for other Baha’is, and to request and implore you to arrange a meeting with the state authorities, who are mostly high level religious clergymen sitting, in the reputable name of Islam, on Imam Ali’s throne of justice, and to attend to my plea for justice and to my request, considering the sentences below.

“Well is it with that divine whose head is attired with the crown of justice, and whose temple is adorned with the ornament of equity”.[11] What if you, the learned and religious clergymen of Islam,

pre-youth, and would teach them principles, such as non-participation in political matters, being fully compliant with and obedient to the government, uprightness and piety, peace and cordiality, justice and equity, unity and harmony, good ethics, etc., etc. Let the followers of the Baha’i minority religion in Iran, which exceed in number all the other minorities, enjoy their lawful rights, which are mentioned in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic, like every other Iranian. Dear sirs, the Constitution considers all Iranians as equals and does not in any way mention the Baha’i minority to be an exception to the norm; it is the circulars that have deprived us of all our human and social rights.

Dear sirs and clergymen, we believe in this: “They that are just and fair-minded in their judgement occupy a sublime station and hold an exalted rank. The light of piety and uprightness shineth resplendent from these souls. We earnestly hope that the peoples and countries of the world may not be deprived of the splendours of these two luminaries.”[12]

I was in Iran from the start of revolution and in the middle of persecutions (my salaries were cut off; my husband was arrested, imprisoned and then executed; I was evicted twice from my residential house, owned by myself, and lived in a broken elevator and the parking area; the [revolutionary] guards raided my house, tens of times, having the key to my apartment, and turned everything upside down and took whatever they wished, without any receipts) until recently, when, by the exalted will of the supreme leader of the Iranians, I succeeded in getting a passport. You may not believe that numerous nights, I slept on the carpet behind my front door, afraid of a sudden raid by the authorities. Three families of the revolutionary guards and relatives of the public prosecutor’s interrogator resided in two levels of the property. There was mayhem, a breach of tranquillity, fear and terror ruled over us, I was imprisoned; in brief, the burden of what happened was heavier than a person’s ability to bear. However, praise be to God, by His grace, I endured and remained patient and steadfast, and now I am pleased that I did so. As everyone knows, God has allocated a reward in proportion to every good deed except for patience, as He says “Only those who endure patiently will be given their reward without limit.”[13] Therefore, I am joyful with all my heart and soul.

Dear sirs, I beg you to issue a new circular in regard to investigation of past judgements for the Baha’is and referral of past judgements to the Supreme Court, in order to apply the provisions of Article 35 of the Criminal Courts 1 and 2 Procedures Act, and to allow a selection of lawyers to investigate these injustices, which may have happened without your knowledge, and you may also be displeased with them. Please inform all the Iranians that morality and that which is related to the heart, soul and spirit is each individual’s own business and its reward and punishment is with the Almighty God, and only those actions and conducts which are contrary to the laws of the parliament and the Constitution of the Islamic Republic would be investigated and the wrongdoers would be punished.

In this way, you would allow the rain of divine mercy and bounty to fall upon the Baha’i community and the light of the sun to illumine the hearts of the Baha’is of Iran and the world, totalling six to seven million. As a result, the injustices carried out against me and others, which have not been investigated for over ten years and have been archived, would be attended to, past judgements would be fairly and justly revoked, and the issuance of the new eviction and confiscation judgement for my house and my belongings would be stopped. Many Public Prosecution and the Execution of the Imam Khomeini's Order [EIKO] officers have used my absence from Iran as an excuse to issue an eviction and confiscation order for me; whereas I recently travelled by air, suitcase in hand, from Mehrabad Airport.

I appreciate your kindness and consideration for reading my detailed letter.

May God recompense you. Respectfully

[Signature over the name]

Pari Vahdat-i-Hagh

Farvardin 1375 [March/April 1996]

Enclosures: 1- two public notices number 3 from Execution of the Imam Khomeini's Order [EIKO] in regard to the apartment in my name, which has not been confiscated

  1. Two copies of the letter addressed to the Supreme Court, dated 12 Azar 1371 [3 December 1992]






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