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[Personal information has been redacted.]


21 Shahrivar 1372 [12 September 1993]

Esteemed Head of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance of Tehran

Tax Jurisdiction No. 136, Assessment Unit 13, Tax Division No. 2, Real Estate

Respectfully, in reference to final tax forms for the years 1370 [1991] and 1372 [1993], and file references 204/1, 204/2, 204/3 and 204/4, in the names of my children, related to taxes starting from 1362 [1983] onwards, God is my witness how many times I have gone, written letters, sent legal information via judiciary declaration and have personally gone to see the director general regarding the only apartment belonging to my children, Vahid, Shahaboddin and Rouhiyyeh Vahdat-Hagh and my husband. He [the director general] verbally confirmed my rights and ordered an investigation. All documents are in your possession.

I reiterate that owing to conflict of interest between us and the tenants, the invitation letter and the judgment of the Commission have not been received by me, the mother, (except for some of them, only recently). My children have been outside the country since before the revolution and are continuing their education very slowly owing to not receiving money and are living in utter hardship. The prosecutor’s office confiscated my children’s units in 1360; [the authorities] killed my husband because of his religious belief, and I have no income. My husband’s and my retirement benefits have been terminated, and they have only allowed me to live in the unit belonging to my daughter (since Shahrivar 1361 [August 1982]), due to severe pain in my foot and my sickness, and to pay them rent, which I could not afford and did not pay. I rented the fourth floor, which belongs to me, for six thousand tuman per month. After the lease ended, they did not evacuate, and only increased [the rent] by two thousand tuman annually. Strangely, you are also suggesting that I should live in the parking garage! How much tax should we pay to the government, forty years of income or sixty years of life?

Please tell me where I should go to plead for justice, to have this investigated, and what authority will look into the rights of my children. You are not doing it and the prosecutor’s office is no help at all. Only the tenants benefit. I suggest that you determine the taxes of this period for the four floors (of my three children and my late husband), and have it divided between the tenants of the first and second floor who are available, and they can pay it to you in place of the rent.

I wonder! Where is justice in this?! Even the children are banned from leaving the country [if they were to return]; those who have already been severely oppressed and have not received any money and cannot even visit their mother. I pray to God that justice may prevail.

With apologies, request for investigation and ending the matter,

Do not prevent my children from entering [the country].


Paridokht Khaze