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31 Shahrivar 1372 [22 September 1993]


Esteemed Judge Hojjatol-Islam Nayyeri,

Respectfully, I Paridokht Vahdat-Hagh, sent a letter to the supreme leader on 19 Aban 1371 [10 November 1992], as well as a letter to the esteemed head of the Supreme Court (through Hojjatol- Islam Mousavi, the prosecutor general) on 12 Azar 1371 [3 December 1992], and asked for the implementation of Article 35 of the Law on the Establishment of Penal Courts 1 and 2. Recently, they told me to come to you, so I extend my request to that esteemed official of the Judiciary, who is the last refuge of the oppressed, and I present copies of them. Like the rain of divine mercy that falls on the entire universe equally, I ask that you not deprive us of your grace, justice and magnanimity.

With utmost respect,

Paridokht Vahdat-Hagh Khaze [signature]

31 Shahrivar 1372 [22 September 1993]