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20 Tir 1371 [11 July 1992]


To the Supreme Leader, His Holiness Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei

Respectfully, I have been repeatedly uttering “He Who is invoked for help” and would like to clearly express my request. Will you be the one who will help me and come to my rescue?

I appeal to you, by the wrongs endured by the Seyyed of Martyrs [Imam Hosein] and these Holy Days during which we have mourned in repentance for the tyrannies endured by that “Master of all Martyrs” for 1,400 years, to come to my rescue. You are my only asylum and refuge, the only person who has no superior from the spiritual or material point of view.

Would you personally read a letter from a woman who briefly wrote her story a long time ago but did not dare [allow herself] to disturb you, so that, like the rain of divine mercy that falls on orchards and desert alike, the rain of your justice, mercy and compassion will fall on me as [on] other citizens of Iran?

Supreme Leader, if my husband were still alive, would he be executed by this order (because of his firm belief in the Baha’i religion and his refusal to recant)? Is the act of confiscating the apartment units belonging to my children not the same as the action of eleven years ago? (Of course the truth of it is unknown to me, I am only saying this based on the harsh behaviour of the said officials.)

Have they not deprived my children of their citizenship rights and their homeland, which, by the will of God Almighty is the place of their birth and they are proud of it since (Iran will have glorious progress and will become a blessed Paradise)?

Did not they take away my children from me, a mother, and take away their mother from them?

What will happen in the Threshold of God’s Divine Justice on the Day of Resurrection, in which I believe 100% (The measure of divine justice is far more accurate and complete than the human scale)?

Honourable Leader, it was my only daughter's destiny and fate to marry an Australian citizen according to the rules and regulations of our country. The destiny of my only daughter was such that she had to get married according to our country’s rules and regulations with Australian citizenship, and now she is not allowed by her husband to come here, because she has two young daughters.

Is it her fault that she has kept a unit [apartment] on which she was counting for her old age and the times of unexpected misfortunes, and looked forward to the destiny and Divine Will that she believes in?

My two sons are students who are struggling to continue their studies. One has obtained a master’s degree with a written average of 18, and the other got his bachelor’s degree with a written average of around twenty. Both have decided, according to their father’s will, to continue their education until they get a doctorate (for eleven years not only have they not received a dime of income from their property, they have sustained unbridled damages and accumulated debt to the Department of Finance and the municipality) and they strongly think about the ownership of their property.

Please return the only telephone, which was in my husband’s name but he had given to me, plus the basement which he had bequeathed to me, four hours before his execution, by writing on the letterhead of the Unit of Combat with Munkarat, to be used to pay back his debts, so that I may not be put to shame any further by the creditors and may cause the happiness of the soul of my late husband. (Haji Mehdi Tabatabaie, who issued the order for the execution of my husband, told me several times that he had not confiscated his belongings; he had only killed him because he was a “Seyyed Tabatabaie” [from the family of Prophet Mohammad] and he did not recant.) May you be rewarded by God.

I call on God as my Witness to the truth of what I say and what I do and implore justice.

Therefore,  I humbly request that you 1- order the reinstatement of the telephone number [redacted] which was disconnected on 28 Khordad 1371 [18 June 1992] in the name of the Division in Charge of Enforcing the Imam’s Order (properties are under the control of the supreme leader); 2- issue the order and agree for me to plead for justice to the Department of Justice, the same as all other citizens, and return the custodianship of my children’s units to me, their mother, so that the courts may investigate the affairs between me and the tenants (in reality they all had originally [signed the] contracts with me). Then I will be able to pay back the debts accumulated over the last 12-13 years to the municipality, the Finance Department and individuals and repair the damages, and also prove to my children that I was and am able to take care of their trust.


With utmost respect and gratitude,

Pari Vahdat-Hagh



Mashhad 20 Tir 1371 [11 July 1992]


  1. This letter is a follow-up to the letter and documents submitted on 13 Tir 1371 [4 July 1992], as enclosure to the letter which I had written, but had not dared to submit.
  2. A copy of last year’s summons of Bonyad-e Shahid [the Martyrs Foundation] is enclosed for your information.