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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Omana [Private] Company


Tehran- [redacted]

Phone: [redacted]

Telegram Code: (Omanco)

Date: 7 Tir 1358 [28 June 1979]

Number: ------

Enclosure: ------


Mr. Mehdi Hadavi, Prosecutor General of the Revolution

With respect, we inform you of the following.  The Omana Company (private) owns and is in charge of the affairs of the properties that belong to the Iranian Baha’i Community.  These properties include the gathering places, cemeteries, historic sites, and other places in various localities of the sacred country of Iran.

On 23 Khordad 1358 [13 June 1979], a few people who introduced themselves as employees and agents of the Mostazafin Foundation, came to the office of this company and at first dismissed all of the employees and took all of the papers, documents, and records of the company, which had remained immune from previous attempts at stealing them, and established themselves in the offices.  The actions of the agents from the Mostazafin Foundation are not in accordance with any religious or legal standards.  Despite the verbal statements we made about this, they did not pay any attention.  Even now the offices of the Omana Company and the papers and documents are in their possession.  Your honour is fully aware that based on the clear Fatwa of His Excellency Ayatollah Khomeini, Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, which was announced through newspapers and [other] mass media and was also approved by other renowned clergy, the confiscation of property and financial assets of people or legal entities, is contrary to the principles of the sacred religion of Islam.  And the Revolutionary government of the Islamic Republic has also clearly announced that it does not agree with confiscation of assets and in no case among approved cases has given an order to confiscate people’s belongings.

In view of these points, it is certain that no administrative or religious authority, whether among the prosecutors of the Revolution or the people in charge of the [governmental] committees and Revolutionary courts, who are followers of the sacred commands of Islam, would attempt to confiscate people’s assets.

We beseech your honour, who is the preserver of the religious laws and customs of the Revolutionary Government of the Islamic Republic, to issue an order to the individuals who have attempted to interfere with this company to stop their irreligious and unlawful actions and leave us alone, such that the assets of this company in Tehran and other cities, towns, and villages, are protected from being violated, and the problems instigated by prejudiced and ignorant people will not spread to various places throughout the country.


With expressions of respect

Chief Executive Officer

Engineer Taslimi