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Office of the Prime Minister


General number: 5

Private number: ---

Dossier: 23528

Case: ---


Type of draft: ---

Subject of the draft: ---

Attachment: ---

Scribe: ---

Date of the draft: 28 Bahman 1326 [18 Feburary 1948]

Transcription date: ---

Registration date: 5 Esfand 1326 [25 February 1948]



Ministry of the Interior

Ministry of Justice

According to letter number 8019, dated 25 Bahman 1326 [15 February 1948], from the private office of His Imperial Majesty, Mr. Rezvani and a number of other inhabitants of Shahroud, through His Eminence Haj Seyyed Abu’l-Qasim Mujtahed Kashani, have submitted a telegram to the blessed threshold of His Imperial Majesty [saying] that inhabitants of the mentioned place have complained that since two years ago, some individuals, under the pretext of religion, have caused some disorder in the locality and have disturbed people’s security and peace. Please find a copy of the aforementioned telegram in the following letter number 1746-4, dated 18 Shahrivar 1326 [10 September 1947]. Kindly have some agents stationed in the locality and, by enforcing wisdom and prudence, prevent any unwarranted incident. While announcing the results, forward a copy of the response to the mentioned telegram to the Office of the Prime Minister. [Signature]