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In the Name of the One Who created man


Dear President[1] of Iran!  We have all heard that they are removing the remains of those who were dear to the Baha'is and are transferring them to a place unknown.  Please look into this matter and return these blessed remains [to the sites where they were buried].  We are all terrified of this news.  I had a dream the same night [that this news reached me] that all the dead came to life, and at that time a great peace was established.  I was awakened with joy and happiness, because this is my hope:


“Peace on earth. [I long for] the day that whites, blacks, reds, and yellows shake each other’s hands in brotherhood, because colour and race is not a reason for superiority and [the act of] removing the remains is not a reason of superiority either.”


Navid Roushanabadi

9 years old







[1] [This letter is written to Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, President of Islamic Republic in 1993]